Episode 12

We recorded episode 12 but it has been lost due to a computer error. I have been trying to recover it but it does not look good.

You can imagine the episode though; here’s the rundown:

In the news: Tanner and Chris rant about Carson Daly and kiss ass students giving teachers backrubs and then reminisce about wood shop, permanent records, and popularity in schools. Chris then offers up the following news stories: a man attempts to cut his father’s pacemaker out of his chest, terrible politicians continue to use junk legislation about videogame violence as a way to get re-elected, and, if you haven’t heard, there’s a flu of swine.

In culture: Tanner and Chris review the first season of Avatar: The Last Airbender.

In humor: Chris offers up some Love/Hate for Tanner: Susan Powter, chicken broth, vaccinations, t-tops, fancy feast, Boku, sunbathing, tipping, Facebook applications, and Firefox.