Episode 8

In the news: Tanner and Chris discuss chimpanzees and how to best engage in life and death combat with animals. Chris touches on a few news stories too: a teacher makes a kid eat his lunch out of the garbage, a woman who stole $73,000 from her church blames Satan, and Mt. Redoubt erupts.

In culture: Tanner and Chris review the new The Decemberist’s album The Hazards of Love.

In humor: Tanner fires off ten random things and Chris has to determine if he loves or hates them: pogo sticks, Teddy Grams, Step by Step, muppets, women with long fingernails, bb guns, lunchables, trading cards, jus’ shootin’ some hoopz, and skunks.

Runtime: 1 hour 15 minutes

Music provided by Right on Wagner and Darling Imperial.