Special OMG IT'S A GIRL Episode 19

Lisette steps in for Chris who is on vacation. She’s the first woman EVER on a Chris and Tanner podcast.

In the news: Tanner offers an anecdote about a crazy person he met through online dating. As for news, Sarah Palin is resigning, the chief of the MI6 gets exposed on Facebook, and a woman is found dead in her apartment after five years.

In culture: Tanner and Lisette review The Hangover.

In humor: Tanner puts Lisette in the hotseat for a Love/Hate where she has to offer up her opinion on: themed decor, capri suns, the hustle, jungle gyms, pork and beans, wave pools, people who say matoor instead of mature, ITT Technical Institute, sleep overs, and stirrup pants.

Here’s the song for the “Detroit hustle.”

Runtime: 1 hour 8 minutes

Music provided by Right on Wagner and Darling Imperial.