Chris's Parents Episode 1: Ritual

As far as Tanner is concerned, there are few people as entertaining, perplexing, and fascinating as Chris’s parents – two of the most stubborn, habitual, bonded, and isolated people in the country. They’re like a time capsule of conservative, midwestern, white baby boomer culture. So what’s the next best thing to talking to them? Asking Chris to tell him every little detail of their lives and his experiences growing up with them.

This is the first episode in a new mini-series – cleverly titled “Chris’s Parents” – where Dr. Tanner embarks on his groundbreaking ethnography with Chris serving as embedded reporter. Each episode will be themed and this episode’s theme is ritual. And get ready – there’s a few big revelations about Chris’s life that are equally shocking, saddening, and hilarious.

Music courtesy of Emperor X.

Run Time: 1 hour 14 minutes



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