Episode 3

Chris gave his latest squeeze his letterman’s jacket so you know what that means – time to meet the parents. Tanner wonders why he has no friends and his social life is in ruins. Is it him? Graduate school? Masculinity? Old people at CVS are a whole different breed. Easter is the worst holiday next to Columbus Day. It’s tornado season. What countries and states are plagued by the most ‘nados? We have your answer. We also think about how a young, fake-Reebok-Pump-wearing Chris would’ve coped with a tornado. The final segment debuts a brand new game that exposes just how astoundingly, disturbingly, pathologically nostalgic Chris and Tanner are as they face off seeing if there’s any word in the dictionary they can’t nostalgize.

Music courtesy of Emperor X and Tom Cochrane.

Run Time: 1 hour 20 minutes



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