Episode 11

The show begins with come controversy as listeners weigh in on Episode 10’s discussion of how much to spend on gifts for significant others. Chris aw the greatest movie ever made – Bottle Rocket – at the place it was filmed in Hillsboro, TX as part of an annual fan gathering called The Lovely Soiree and wonders if he’s still a Wes Anderson “fan." Tanner has been having dreams for as long as he can remember about an arcade, and it got to the point where he started to believe it was a real place. You know, like morons do. A woman had a sex toy in her vagina for a decade. Chris once again steps up to the plate in a game of Bigotry Baseball which challenges him with the depressingly easy task of finding YouTube videos with bigoted comments.

Music courtesy of Emperor X and Ice Cube

Run Time: 49 minutes



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