Episode 12


Welcome to the Yuck Factory everyone – your number one source for goofs, gaffs, chuckles, and laughs. Chris went to the bar and made fast friends…again. Tanner marvels at Chris’ desire to talk to strangers, and Chris was punished by the great lord above by having to look at a random woman’s vagina pics for it. Meanwhile, Tanner spent the weekend in Skyrim. Two dicks kicked a squirrel off the Grand Canyon and Chris and Tanner are horrified but also try to understand their uncomfortable laughter when reading the story. Tanner can’t believe no one is talking about Obama admitting that the US tortured people in the wake of 9/11 and thinks it exposes the myths of democracy. Yeah, so this is a comedy show? The show ends with the return of Chris and Tanner’s favorite game Chart Toppers. This time they must guess the top music singles and movies at the box office this weekend in 1985-87.

Music courtesy of Emperor X and Jeremy Soule with some Back to the Future soundtrack and Peter Cetera karaoke for good measure

Run Time: 1 hour 10 minutes



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