Episode 13

Tanner gives an update on the ICE saga. In short, he’s a moron. Chris is back from Europe and he’s here to say something profound: Europe is Europe. Chris was quizzed about Canadian gun laws at the border while Tanner was given the third degree about his job. Arby’s has a new off-the-menu sandwich called the Meat Mountain, and it’s exactly what you think it is. Chris reports on what the local news in Ferguson, MO is concerned with – breastfeeding. Chris and Tanner go down a dark, dark path thinking about the possibility – however abhorrent and remote – that a woman, at some point in history, has been, ahem, ‘excited’ by a baby during breastfeeding. Chris and Tanner play a game of Chart Toppers focused on the biggest movies and singles of this week in the years 1988-90, and finish up the show wondering where the Barbarian Twins are and what their own celebrity monikers would be.

Music courtesy of Emperor X

Run Time: 1 hour 4 minutes



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