Episode 14


The recent earthquake in the Bay Area has Tanner thinking about earthquake kits and surviving the apocalypse. Chris is wondering why he avoided catching up with former classmates he hadn’t seen for over a decade. A man was flattened after 400 gallons were dumped on his dumb, dumb head as part of the Ice Bucket Challenge. A Denny’s opened in NYC and it’s serving a $300 meal with a bottle of champagne to people equally as dumb as the Ice Bucket Challenge guy. A shocking amount of women can’t identify a vagina on a medical diagram. Some evil kid – certain to be the next Chucky – tried to kill a guy working outside his eighth floor apartment by cutting his safety ropes because the guy was making too much noise. Chris and Tanner debate the world’s greatest cuisines. Tanner debuts a new version of the game Love/Hate called Split Decision that forces Chris to quickly make and explain some hard choices between two very similar things.

Music courtesy of Emperor X, DJ Snake, Vanilla Ice

Run Time: 1 hour 20 minutes



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