Episode 2


There’s only a handful of things on the menus of most mid-America neighborhood restaurants – chicken, beef, breading, and cheese. Chris and Tanner delve into the depressing reality of the sodium-soaked-calorie-grenades people eat during a typical night out at a suburban Michigan bar and grill. Chris is going into the doctor tomorrow because he’s achieved “pre-corpse” state. An 11 year old girl is miraculously getting new ears grown through scientific wizardry. Two 63 year old twins were found dead cold chillin’ in recliners and no one has a clue as to how they died. Tanner knows some of Stanley Kubrick’s favorite films, but can Chris guess them? And Chris gets thrown in the infamous hot seat where he must quickly answer – and justify – whether he loves or hates ten random things.

Music courtesy of Emperor X and Guns N’ Roses

Run Time: 1 hour 10 minutes



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