Episode 6

Chris got a speeding ticket and wonders if he’s now been suckered into some scheme by the city of Detroit to torture him for all eternity. Tanner wonders if Chris was going so fast he traveled in time. Chris is also prepping for his upcoming European trip by watching videos of gypsies thieving and plane crashes. Tanner enjoys how student debt removes any joy of getting a raise by adjusting and keeping him in a life of financial precarity.There was a conference for alien abductees and Chris and Tanner ponder the peculiar mindset of someone who believes they’ve been visited by aliens. Burger King is changing its slogan after 40 years and it’s a good example of the hellscape of 21st century life. The show closes with a brand new game called Chart Toppers where Chris and Tanner must guess the biggest hit movies and songs of the early 90s.

Music courtesy of Emperor X and Silk.

Photo credit Alicia Holder

Run Time: 1 hour 11 minutes



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