Episode 9

Tanner issues a challenge to all amateur sleuths out there to figure out the Jeff Goldblum movie involved in his ascent to manhood. Chris went full hermit for awhile and is surprisingly sad about the death of Doink the Clown of WWF fame. Tanner saw The Goonies even though he was annoyed that his girlfriend was late. How? He now has amazing new relationship and conflict resolution skills thanks to watching MTV’s Teen Mom. A woman left her contacts in too long and an amoeba burrowed into her eye. An older guy soiled himself while waiting on the tarmac for a flight form Philadelphia to SF and refused to get off the plane. Chris and Tanner try to determine who is the most nostalgic man in America in the second edition of Nostalgia Duel – warning this one gets a little dark.

Music courtesy of Emperor X

Run Time: 1 hour 22 minutes



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