Totally Tanner: Volume 3

Tanner assures you he’s not being condescending about low American culture because HE ATE A FILET O’ FISH. He also met Levar Burton and, strangely enough, is finally deciding to let go of his books and a part of himself. Summer doesn’t mean the same thing anymore, and Tanner remembers a childhood friend Bobby who claimed to be a woodland expert, black belt, and juggling a girlfriend in Myrtle Beach – all while being 10 years old. Most importantly, Bobby showed Tanner the ways of the world. Finally, Tanner can’t stop thinking about the possibility of alien life, more specifically the Fermi Paradox and a biologist’s rebuttal to claims that we should’ve encountered alien life already.

Music courtesy of LazerhawkMiami Nights 1984, Mitch Murder, and Gil Mantera’s Party Dream

Run Time: 42 minutes



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